NorthPark and Oktoberfest Recap

October 21, we welcomed Billy Hines, General Manager of Northpark Center.  We thank Billy for his time and presentation to the club.
Oktoberfest Chair Todd Bowen provided a recap from our tremendous Oktoberfest event including financial results  Congratulations again to Todd and the Oktoberfest Committee!  You can see Todd’s presentation here.

Oktoberfest 2016

Wow! What a day! What a party!  For all those that were able to attend Oktoberfest at Flag Pole Hill on Saturday we hope that’s what you walked away saying.  The event was a tremendous community celebration for all ages that the our club should be extremely proud of.  Community feedback has been very positive and I know we all await a full report from the Oktoberfest Committee once the dust settles.  We can’t begin to thank enough Todd Bowen, Oktoberfest Chair, and his committee for the tremendous amount of work and planning that went on to produce a larger event at a brand new location.

The club also extends special thanks to our sponsors, vendors, and volunteers.  Oktoberfest does not happen if not for their efforts.  So when out in the community, please remember to thank our sponsors and vendors for their support.
Carol Toler of the Lake Highalnds Advocate posted her photos of the event here:

Officers Installed

On Thursday evening, June 16th the ECLH held its annual installation dinner at Ozona Grill and Bar on Greenville Avenue. Refreshments and visiting together began at 6:30 pm followed by a buffet fajita dinner. Outgoing President Truitt Matthews called the meeting to order with Chris Poteet delivering the invocation and Colonel Tony Wood leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag.

Truitt’s words as outgoing President are worth repeating here: “I am blessed and thankful to live in Lake Highlands, be a member of the ECLH, been able to serve alongside each of you, and been able to represent our Club as president during the 2015-2016 term. I must admit there were moments, days, events, schedules that I just closed my eyes, said a prayer, jumped in the middle of, and trusted all would go well. I can truly say it has been an extremely rewarding experience, and I thank Past President Greg Duval and the membership for entrusting the position to me. The obvious reason all went well is that our Club has a great board of officers and directors.I thank each of you for your willingness to serve alongside me this past year and for a job well done in each of your areas of responsibility. I also give a special thank you to your wives and families I know there have been sacrifices made to fulfill your duties. I did choose a good board, and I count each of you a friend.”

The meeting continued with the 2015 – 2016 Exchangite of the Year being awarded to Treasurer, Doug Rabe. By his participation in all aspects and events of the ECLH, as well as other civic, community, and business activities he reflects well on the ECLH and the ideals and foundation of Exchange. Doug certainly proved to be one of the outgoing president’s “go to” guys and his commitment helps to keep our organization in good financial standing.

It was a pleasure to have member Bob Johnston direct the club’s installation of its 2016-2017 officers and directors. The roles and responsibilities of the officers were stated and followed by the responsive reading of the Oath of Service given to the new board. Thank you in advance for your service during the upcoming year.
The meeting concluded with President-Elect Mark Holmes thanking the Club for the opportunity to serve and a brief charge to all of what to expect during his 2016 -2017 term. Mark will officially take over Presidential duties on July 1.

Travel Gavel

It took two people to wrestle the “Travel Gavel” from Truitt.  The gavel is on its way to downtown Dallas!

gavel gavel 2

Talmadge Boston, Civil Litigator

Mr. Talmage Boston, a civil litigator with the Winstead PC law firm and author of several books.

Mr. Talmage Boston, a civil litigator with the Winstead PC law firm and author of several books.

It was a pleasure to have as our guest speaker Friday, June 3, Mr. Talmage Boston, a civil litigator with the Winstead PC law firm and author of several books.  He spoke on his new book, Cross Examining History, to be released September 1, 2016.  He provided our members with a copy of his “Ten Commandments of Presidential Leadership,” which he elaborated on during his presentation.

Firefighter and Police Officer of the Quarter

On June 10, past president Bryan McCrory hosted our meeting and shared highlights and happenings during his tenure as president of the ECLH.  Chuck Curtiss, Director of Community Service, led  us in recognition of our police and firefighter of the quarter.

Firefighter of the Quarter, Driver-Engineer Nathan Seawood

Firefighter of the Quarter, Driver-Engineer Nathan Seawood

Police of the Quarter, Sr. Corporal Thomas Mills

Police of the Quarter, Sr. Corporal Thomas Mills

Scholarship Breakfast at LHUMC

On May 20, the Exchange Club held its annual Scholarship Breakfast during which were award numerous scholarships to deserving young people from LHHS.
The Exchange Club of Lake Highlands would like to thank Jim Burris, Susan Kane, Don and Patsy Lee, Eric and Cheri Luck, Jeanenne Oglesby, Bob Potts, Wade Smith, and Alan and Joan Walne for their previous and continued generosity towards our scholarship program efforts.

scholarship breakfast

Left to right- Bottom Row: Megan Brady, Delaney Norriss ,Gabrilla Wasser, Tita Peterson, Kendall Powers, Elizabeth Bonshoom, Peyton Cabanas Middle Row: Kristen Hazen, Muriel Bezanson, Lauren Urban, Kenton Wilhelm, Justin Yarbrough Top Row: Mark Garwood, Luke Garwood, Kendall Kaigler, Amy Zukoski, Brandon Jodie,Matthew Weiters


Left to Right: Madeleine Dale, Josue Corzo, Caitlyn Bosch

wade smith foundation

WADE SMITH FOUNDATION Left to Right: Nahiyan Khan, Sui (Mercy) Ser, Berket Ghebermicael

luck family awards

LUCK FAMILY AWARDS-Left to Right Bottom Row: Ugochi Uche, Steffany Salazar, Sui Thai, Mercy Ser, Llareli Ramos Top Row: Cheri Luck, Rebuma Kefir, Brandon Kaylor, Travis West, Berket Ghebermicael

potts family awards

POTTS FAMILY / Working Students Data Jo Potts Memorial Awards Left to Right Bottom Row: Aubrei Lewis,Haul Mohammed, Sui Pen Tial, Ronda Kefir, Angel McTiller, Top Row: Nicholas Arends, Optus Neal, Sam Haster,


MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIPS Left to Right. Bottom Row-Yannick Niobe, Missy Campbell, Grace Ann Tipton, Will Morgan, Top Row- Jeanine Oglesby, Bob Potts, Patsy Lee, Jennifer Gross


Left to Right- Bottom Row: Missy Campbell, Grace Ann Tipton Top Row: Yannick Niobe, Will Morgan

Left to Right: Joshua Garwood, Ashley Irion, Peyton Brown, Brandon von Sternberg

High-Speed Rail Update

May 24, 2016


May 24Ray Hill presided over our meeting with some insights from his term as president and we heard about what is really happening with Hi-Speed rail between Dallas and Houston from Rebecca Cowle.

Welcome New Members

new members-may 13, 2016

Front row – Left to right
Colonel Anthony Wood
Lives on Windy Crest Drive. Has three grown children. Likes to hike, loves history and old cars. Born in Corpus Christi, spent 34 years in the marine corp. Sponsor is Sherman Burns

Brian Hasenbauer
He lives on Winding Ridge and has two children, ages 10 and 7.  Went to work at EDS and was transferred to Plano many years ago.  He works for LeadG2 as a marketing and sales consultant.  He is interested in the Spring Auction, and Oktoberfest.

Michael Bosco
Michel Bosco is being sponsored by Chris Halpin.  He lives on Club Glen Drive.  He has an 18 year old and an 8 year old.  He works for Safe Haven Pest Control.  He is interested in Community Service Projects, and Oktoberfest.

Scott Daniel
Scott Daniel is being sponsored by Jeff Jacobie and Jon Deats.  He lives on Winding Ridge.  Graduated from Lake Highlands High School and went to Texas A&M University (whoop).  He works for Lone Star Photography.  He is interested in Community Development and Press & Publicity.

Back row – left to right –

John Nicholson
John Nicholson is being sponsored by Mark Holmes.  He lives on Club Meadows Drive.  He serves as Secretary for the Moss Farm Alliance.  Enjoys golf, baseball, running/biking and attending any sporting event.  He works for PWC.  He is interested in Community Service Projects, and Spring Auction.

Jim Dudlow
Lives on Club Meadows.  Has two children, 7 and 5 years old.  He is from Roswell, New Mexico.  He went to Stanford undergrad and received his Masters at Southern Methodist University.  He is a professor at Brookhaven College.  Interested in helping with July 4th and Community Service Projects.

Not pictured who were not able to attend:
Eugene McNeil, Mike Mata, Russ Kaufman