September Character Counts and Youth of the Month

We had our September Character Counts and Youth of the Month awards at Lake Highlands High School. The awards were presented by Chris Brown and LHHS Principal Frank Miller. These awards are selected by LHHS staff. Thanks to Frank Miller, Karen Clardy and other LHHS staff for hosting this breakfast and meeting.

Character Counts awards were presented to Valeria Escalante, daughter of Juan and Martha Escalente; and to Sam Iheke, son of Gabriel and Lovina Iheke.

Youth of the Month awards went to Micael Lonergan, daughter of Dave and Kim Lonergan; and to Brady Difee, son of Darrin and Robin Difee.

Left to right– Chris Brown, Sam Iheke, Valaria Escalante,
Micael Lonergan, Brady Difee, and Frank Miller

September 5 Recap: School Days

 We had a little ray of sunshine as Tim Halwas, Director of School Relations, brought two students from Lake Highlands Elementary to receive “Wildcats Choose Kind” awards.  These awards are given by that school to students who have shown kindness to fellow students. These were presented by school principal Kim Sullivan to students Jordan Price and Parker Baty. And then, they led the club in The Pledge of Allegiance.

Our featured speaker was Dr. Kay Waggoner, Superintendent of the Richardson Independent School District. She gave an update on the district and pointed out that RISD is considered to be one of the five most outstanding districts in the DFW area.  The district currently has 38,000 students at 55 campuses with a district staff of 4956.  There have been no property tax rate increases since 2007.

Kim Sullivan, Jordan Price, Parker Baty and Tim Halwas

Greg Duval, Dr. Kay Waggoner and Justin Bono

Congressman Jeb Hensarling Visits

On September 19, 2014, our visitors included Frank Miller, new Principal at Lake Highlands High School, and Reverend Jill Jackson-Sears, new Senior Pastor at Lake Highlands United Methodist Church.  We look forward to having both of them as new members.

Our featured speaker was Congressman Jeb Hensarling, 5th Congressional District.  He focused on how fortunate our country is to have religious, political and economic liberties.  But, he pointed out that we have too many federal agencies that are promulgating too many regulations and laws that are diminishing our freedoms. He also answered a number of questions from the members that focused on the many problems that our country is faced with.

9-14 Hensarling

Greg Duval, Representative Jeb Hensarling, Gale Lewis

Our Unsung Hero, Sept., 2014

Brent Basden presented an Unsung Hero Award to April Gorman (Tate’s wife) and her “Little Stewpot Stewards” organization.  Founded by April, this group of young children raises contributions for the Stewpot in Downtown Dallas.  Founded by the First Presbyterian Church of Dallas, the Stewpot provides meals and other services to the homeless. The children are from several area elementary schools. They recently completed a number of projects to provide cash and other contributions to the Stewpot. The club presented them with a plaque and a $150 contribution.

stewpot kids250

Brent Basden, April Gorman and some of the “Stewpot Stewards”

Police & Firefighter of the Quarter, September 2014

Officer Kirk Benners received the Police award.  He was nominated by Lt. Pamela Starr of the Northeastern patrol division and his award was presented by Deputy Chief Andrew Acord. Officer Benners has been with the Dallas Police Department since 2007 and was cited for his 660 arrests and 2,700 citations.

The Fire-Rescue award was received by Fire Rescue Officer Dennis Richter and was presented by Fire Rescue Officer David Monjares.  Officer Richter has been with the Dallas Fire Department 15 years and currently serves at station 48 on Northwest Highway.  His wife, Kimberly, has also been with the Fire Department for 10 years and serves at station 41 on Preston Rd.  He was cited for his long tenure and his dedication to service.

Both received plaques and a cash award.

fire and police 8-14-250

Chief Andrew Acord, Officer Kirk Benners, Fire Rescue Officer Dennis Richter, Fire Rescue Officer David Monjares, and Brent Basden

Welcome New Members

Membership Director, Mark Holmes advises that the Board has approved two new members as follows–

William (Will) Buehring lives on Trailpine with wife, Gabi.  They are the parents of two children, ages 4 and 1.  Will was born and raised in Lake Highlands and attended Lake Highlands schools, including LHHS. He has a BBA from Northwood University. He is a credit analyst with Santander Consumer USA, an auto finance company. He was sponsored by Carlin Volkmer.

Jason Kendall lives on Faircrest with wife, Amanda.  They have a 4-year-old daughter.  He is originally from North Richland Hills and attended UTA in Arlington. He is a consultant for Rodan and Fields Skincare Company. He was sponsored by Reed Wilcox.

Remember that we have a New Member contest that runs thru 10-31.  The member that recruits the most new members will receive a $250 gift certificate.

History of Lake Highlands

On August 21, 2014, our featured speaker was Dr. Ted Campbell, Associate Professor of Church History at SMU’s Perkins School of Theology. He lives in the Moss Farm area.  Several years ago, he began a history of the Lake Highlands area–especially around the Moss Farm area.  According to Dr. Campbell, Harry S. Moss was a Canadian who came to Dallas and became a very successful oil man.  He later bought about 400 acres in the Lake Highlands area for a horse farm. (He actually lived in Highland Park.)  When he died, his estate sold part of the property for residential development and gave the balance to the City of Dallas for the current Moss Park–one of the city’s larger park properties.

Tate Gorman, Dr. Ted Campbell, and Gale Lewis