September Character Counts and Youth of the Month

We had our September Character Counts and Youth of the Month awards at Lake Highlands High School. The awards were presented by Chris Brown and LHHS Principal Frank Miller. These awards are selected by LHHS staff. Thanks to Frank Miller, Karen Clardy and other LHHS staff for hosting this breakfast and meeting.

Character Counts awards were presented to Valeria Escalante, daughter of Juan and Martha Escalente; and to Sam Iheke, son of Gabriel and Lovina Iheke.

Youth of the Month awards went to Micael Lonergan, daughter of Dave and Kim Lonergan; and to Brady Difee, son of Darrin and Robin Difee.

Left to right– Chris Brown, Sam Iheke, Valaria Escalante,
Micael Lonergan, Brady Difee, and Frank Miller