Financial Assistance

Contribution Request Form

Thank you for your interest in requesting a financial contribution or other assistance from The Exchange Club of Lake Highlands (ECLH). ECLH works to enhance and improve the Lake Highlands community through a broad array of youth recognition, citizenship programs, and community service initiatives. The ECLH Board of Directors considers financial requests on a biannual basis. To request financial assistance from ECLH, please submit the attached form on or before the following dates:

Spring Submission Deadline: March 6, 2020

ECLH also supports the Lake Highlands community by volunteering at a number of community events and service projects. Requests for volunteer assistance are considered throughout the year.

ECLH’s support includes the following types of service projects and initiatives:
• Supporting local non-profit organizations that provide a variety of community services, including child abuse prevention, medical care, and emergency shelter and services for victims of domestic violence
• Projects to enrich students’ educational experience by implementing special programs or equipment at local public schools
• Projects that promote patriotism and honor our democratic heritage
• Projects that honor and recognize the United States Military and local Police Officers and Fire Fighters
• Providing emergency assistance to neighborhood families who have experienced substantial hardship due to illness or unexpected emergencies
• Other projects that benefit and improve the Lake Highlands community at large by promoting a sense of community pride and spirit
Decisions regarding requests for financial assistance are typically made within 60 days of the submission deadline.

Download the 2019-2020 Contribution Request Form