ACE Breakfast, Teacher Recognition and Youth of the Year

ACE and Youth of the Year

A.C.E. Awardees and Youth of the Year | Left to Right-Rebuma Kedir – A.C.E. Awards, Karla Ruiz – A.C.E Awards, Peyton Cabaniss – Youth of the Year, Mark Gaarwood – Youth of the Year

The ECLH gives 8 Youth-of-the-Month awards during our calendar year, and the Youth-of-the-Year (YOY) is chosen from among those to represent our club at the local, state and national level of Exchange.

YOY—An award designed to recognize industrious high school students who have high levels of academic achievement while also demonstrating leadership/involvement/participation and a willing desire to serve others in their school, community and beyond.

A.C.E. – “Accepting the Challenge of Excellence”: These awards are given to students who have overcome adversity and have achieved positive outcomes during their HS careers. It is a national Exchange Club program and a national winner is selected.

Teachers of the Year

teachers of the year

Teachers of the Year Left to Right: Cecilia Whitham – Northlake Elementary, James Bradanese – Stults Road Elementary, Alexandra Hines – Forest Lane Academy, Lilana Castillo – Audelia Creek Elementary, Erin Chesal – Lake Highlands Freshman Center, Cecilia Whitham – Northlake Elementary, Lisa Steward – Hamilton Park Pacesetter Magnet, Lauren Janco – Forest Lane Academy