Meeting recaps

Byron Sanders with Big Thought

Last Friday 12/6/19 our program was presented by Byron Sanders, CEO of Big Thought. The organization was founded 30 years ago and has its roots in the arts.     Today, Big Thought, led by Bryon Sanders, touches 200,000 kids every year with programs and events that focus on 3 Core Dimensions: 1) Build the Creative Mind 2) Build Social Emotional Well Being of kids and 3) Build a kids’ own young voice.     Mr. Sanders said with a rapidly changing job market where jobs of 2030 are not even known yet, it is hard to have confidence that “we” are properly preparing or educating kids for their future.  Instead, it is Big Thought’s belief that it is imperative that school age kids be challenged to develop critical thinking skills and emotional intelligence.     As an example, Byron shared that 60% of what a nurse does in a typical workday today will be done by AI/automation in 10 years. So, the drive at Big Thought is to provide experiential learning opportunities.

Mr. Sanders shared that his own story was one of grace and second chances. He made a poor choice while enrolled at SMU and ultimately left the university and found it difficult to land at a new place of higher learning. However, a mentor figure saw something in Bryon and gave him an opportunity to enroll at the University of Tulsa. Soon, Byron was president of the student body and had a successful collegiate experience in Tulsa. It was there Byron said he learned to “intentionally walk in his path of purpose.” Thousands of kids in Dallas benefit from that discovery of purpose every year.