Police and Firefighter of the Quarter, December 2014


Brent Basden presented Quarterly Police and Fire Department awards.

Sergeant Keitric Jones presented the police award to Officer Bervin Smith. He was honored for all the work he does in developing good community relations in the Lake Highlands area.

Chief Chris Williford presented the fire department award to Officer David Lindsey, a 33 year veteran driver. He was honored for his loyalty to the department and his outside community work.


fire and police 12-5-14

Pictured: Sergeant Ketric Jones, Officer Bervin Smith, Officer David Lindsey, and Chief Chris Williford


Meeting Recap: One Nation, Under God

Our featured speaker was Colonel Anthony (Tony) Wood, who retired in 1998 after serving 30 plus years in the U. S. Marine Corps in many parts of the world. Although he has many experiences to tell about, he concentrated on telling us about his role in the evacuation of Saigon in 1975.  As a 30 year old Captain, he was in charge of the logistics needed to successfully evacuate 7,000 people from the city before it was overrun by the North Vietnamese army.  It was a very interesting program and we learned some things about this that we did not previously know. He is a Lake Highlands resident, a neighbor of Sherman Burns and plans to become an Exchange Club member.

See   www.colonelanthonywood.com

col wood-1

Gale Lewis, Colonel Anthony Wood, and Greg Duval

col wood 2

Colonel Anthony Wood and USMC Major General James Williams,
another retired Marine who lives in Lake Highlands

November Character Counts & Youth of the Month

On November 11, 2014, the Youth of the Month and Character Counts awards were presented to four deserving LHHS students.

Character Counts recipients are Josue Bazan and Semien Hagos.

Youth of the Month recipients are Elizabeth Burroughs and Brett Stell.


Pictured L to R: Josue Bazan, Semien Hagos, Elizabeth Burroughs, and Brett Stell.


Far left:  Director of Youth, Chris Brown

Far right:  LH Principal, Frank Miller

New Members Inducted

Membership Director , Mark Holmes inducted 10 new members at the 10-31-14 meeting.


new members


Front Row–l to r–Mark Holmes, Membership Director; Reverend Jill Jackson-Sears,

Daniel Sibley, Michael Cedillo, Jimmy Putnam, and Todd Overstreet

Back Row–l to r– Cliff Whisant, Jason Kendall, Frank Miller, Robert Walne, and

Paul Reyes


What a good looking group!

Welcome New Member

Membership Director Mark Holmes advises that a new member has been approved by the Board.

Jimmy Putnam lives on Spring Branch Drive with his wife, Christine, and their three children, ages 15, 12, and 9. He grew up in Carrollton, TX and attended Newman Smith High School. He is a graduate of Texas A&M and became a CPA in 1996. Jimmy is also a Lieutenant in the U. S. Naval Reserve and served in two deployments in Operation Enduring Freedom. His wife, Christine, grew up in Lake Highlands.  He is a Tax Senior Manager with BDO USA LLP in downtown Dallas. He decided to join the club after observing its activities over the years and after recently attending a club event.

October 24 Meeting–SMU Athletics

Our featured speaker last Friday was Rick Hart, Athletic Director of SMU.

Greg Duval said, “The meeting was good. Rick gave a nice presentation.  He specifically spoke about maintaining the unique balance of building/maintaining winning athletics AND graduating quality and capable Mustangs. He did not tip his hand about the coach search as many potential candidates are currently employed and in the middle of their season.  He did directly state that SMU has not talked with Mack Brown nor his representatives. Additionally, he said his view is that SMU Athletics should somewhat emulate what TCU has successfully done –be the best where you are (in the American Athletic Conference) and then in due time opportunities may present themselves, particularly when the current TV agreements expire in five to seven years.”

Rick Brown-Duval

Rick Hart and Greg Duval


CASA Spokesperson Visits

Lynn Brooks, Director of Community Relations for Dallas CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) was the recent featured speaker at the Exchange Club of Lake Highlands. This volunteer organization appoints volunteers to serve as advocates to children who have been the victims of abuse or negligence. Currently there are over 2,000 children in the Dallas area in need of a special advocate. More information can be found atwww.dallascasa.org
lynn casa

Lynn is pictured with Programs Director Gale Lewis and President Greg Duval.

October Character Counts and Youth of the Month

Tabitha Branum, RISD Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education gave a short presentation on the need for studies of Lake Highlands feeder patterns to determine future needs.

Chris Brown and Frank Miller presented monthly club awards to four LHHS students: Character Counts Awards were presented to Jarrod Smith and Shelby Killoran. Youth of the Month awards were presented to Marian White and Jason Barton.

Pictured–Frank Miller, Jason Barton, Jarrod Smith,
Shelby Killoran, and Chris Brown

September 26 Meeting Recap

Our featured speaker was Brandy King, Director of Communications for Southwest Airlines.  She is a Lake Highlands resident and she recited some of the history of the airline since it started in 1971 She also gave us a preview of what the airline’s operations will consist of once the Wright Amendment expires at Love Field on October 13th.

Gale Lewis, Brandy King, and Greg Duval

September Character Counts and Youth of the Month

We had our September Character Counts and Youth of the Month awards at Lake Highlands High School. The awards were presented by Chris Brown and LHHS Principal Frank Miller. These awards are selected by LHHS staff. Thanks to Frank Miller, Karen Clardy and other LHHS staff for hosting this breakfast and meeting.

Character Counts awards were presented to Valeria Escalante, daughter of Juan and Martha Escalente; and to Sam Iheke, son of Gabriel and Lovina Iheke.

Youth of the Month awards went to Micael Lonergan, daughter of Dave and Kim Lonergan; and to Brady Difee, son of Darrin and Robin Difee.

Left to right– Chris Brown, Sam Iheke, Valaria Escalante,
Micael Lonergan, Brady Difee, and Frank Miller