Saluting First Responders


Last Friday we honored this quarter’s first responders from the Police and Fire Departments. Congratulations go to Lt. Rob Brose and Sr. Cpl. John Arnold. Thank you for your service to our community.

Police and Firefighter Honorees

This past Friday at the KayCee Club, we honored this quarter’s first responders from the Police and Fire Departments.

We were very humbled this past Friday in honoring some unsung heroes that helped a family of nine including seven children escape a house fire in March. Thank you Jason Williamson, Jason Espay, Weston Donley, and Carlos Moran (not pictured). You truly are Lake Highlands heroes!

Police & Firefighter of the Quarter

On October 27, 2017, we honored the 3rd quarter’s first responders from the Police and Fire Departments.   Driver Engineer Dennis Richter (left in the picture) was presented by Captain Charlie Lopez (right).

Police & Firefighter of the Quarter

Exchange Club of Lake Highlands members paused Friday to present their quarterly awards to first responders who keep citizens of Lake Highlands safe.

Firefighter Lorenzo Herrera, who works out of Station 37 at Park Lane and Greenville Avenue, was praised by Chief Michael Meador for his commitment to service. The father of six is “the epitome of a good firefighter,” said Meador, “always quick with a smile and a positive attitude, even when that isn’t easy.”

“Herrera has a commitment to his country,” added Meador, “and all he wants to do is serve others.”

Police Sgt. Vincent Lee was recognized by longtime colleague and friend Lt. Ricky Lewis, who said the department’s Crime Reduction Team (CRT) could not have recruited a more highly motivated or talented individual.i

“Vee Lee, as we call him, is very positive and he makes us laugh. We enjoy our job and we enjoy each other, and we enjoy helping the citizens of Dallas.”

Lee, who has worked in several departments including Criminal Intelligence and Dignitary Protection, was grateful, saying, “It seems corny, but I just want to do good and help people.”

“Everybody talks about morale,” he added. “I’ve always said you are your own morale.”

Police & Firefighter of the Quarter


Lt. Todd Thomasson presents to Kim Mraz as Exchange Club’s Joe Torres congratulates her

Fernando Quintero with Michael Meador and Exchange Club’s John Torres

Fernando Quintero with Michael Meador and Exchange Club’s John Torres

Carol Toler of the Advocate:

The Lake Highlands Exchange Club presented their quarterly Police and Firefighter Awards Friday, honoring first responders who risk their lives daily for the safety of Lake Highlands citizens.

New Fire Chief Michael Meador, a 17-year veteran working just his third shift in our neighborhood, expressed his excitement about coming to LH and his gratitude for the warm welcome.

Meador called Driver Engineer Fernando Quintero “the epitome of a great firefighter” with “a commitment that is unwavering.” He recounted to a rapt crowd Quintero’s swift water rescue of boys skipping school in 2015. It seems the 5 kids were messing around and got caught in rapidly rising water at Five Mile Creek. Quintero tied a rope around himself and two of the kids, pulling the boys to dry land. His firefighter mates joined him, and all five were saved.

Lt. Todd Thomasson from the Dallas Police Northeast Division called Kim Mraz “the female Radar O’Reilly,” referring to the character in TV’s M*A*S*H who had near-magical knowledge of the goings-on in the military medical unit.

“She has a master’s degree in something we can’t pronounce,” Thomasson joked. “She’s very dedicated and she absolutely loves it here.”

A surprised and grateful Mraz agreed – with the “loving it” part.

“You guys have been a great community to us.”

Firefighter and Police Officer of the Quarter

On June 10, past president Bryan McCrory hosted our meeting and shared highlights and happenings during his tenure as president of the ECLH.  Chuck Curtiss, Director of Community Service, led  us in recognition of our police and firefighter of the quarter.

Firefighter of the Quarter, Driver-Engineer Nathan Seawood

Firefighter of the Quarter, Driver-Engineer Nathan Seawood

Police of the Quarter, Sr. Corporal Thomas Mills

Police of the Quarter, Sr. Corporal Thomas Mills

Police & Firefighter of the Quarter


Picture–Community Services Director, Chuck Curtiss; Chief Bret Stidham; Captain Todd Wilson; Senior Corporal RobertoBlanco; and Sergeant John Rigney

The Exchange Club of Lake Highlands presented its Quarterly Police and Fire Rescue Department awards at its meeting on March 25th. The Fire Rescue Award was presented to Captain Todd Wilson by club Community Service Director Chuck Curtiss and Chief Bret

Stidham. Captain Wilson has worked for the department for 29 years, much of it with Station 57 on Audelia Road He is well known for his ability at large emergency events.  He also serves as a mentor to the younger members of his station and prepares them for promotion to higher positions.

The police department award was made to Senior Corporal Roberto Blanco of the Northeast Substation and he was presented by Sergeant John Rigney.  Corporal Blanco is a graduate of Southwestern University in Georgetown and has been with Dallas Police Department since 1992.  He has served in special units that were created to eliminate prostitution activities and to identify and arrest sex offenders.  He is held in high regard by his fellow officers and the staff at the Northeast Substation.

Police & Fire of the Quarter

Sept. Police and Fire

Picture–Sergeant Keitric Jones, Joseph Martinez, Ashly Carillo, Captain Skip Connors and Chuck Curtiss

The Exchange Club of Lake Highlands presented its Quarterly Police and Fire Rescue Department awards on September 25th. Club Community Service Director, Chuck Curtiss, presented the Police award to Officer Ashly Carrillo. He is a Texas A&M graduate (2003). He joined the Dallas Police Department in 2006. He is assigned to the Northeast Substation where he has been involved in several units. Deputy Chief Andrew Acord specifically cited Officer Carrillo for his work as an area intelligence specialist. He is married to wife, Rachel, and has one daughter.

The Fire Rescue Department Award was presented to Driver Engineer and Paramedic Joseph Martinez who is assigned to Fire Station No 28 on Greenville Ave. He has been with the department for 10 years and also serves on the Texas Task Force as a swift water rescue specialist. Captain Skip Connors cited him for his dedication and his willingness to learn. He grew up in Lake Highlands and attended Bishop Lynch High School.

Both received plaques and a cash award.

Police & Fire Awards and City Council Candidates

At our Friday meeting on March 6, Police & Fire Awards of the Quarter were presented and we met our new City Council District 10 Candidate.   Chris Halpin reported on the tremendous success of the ECLH Casino Night & Auction.

Pictured are the Police & Fire Award recipients Captain Chad Smith with DFR and Officer Jonathan Wilson with DPD.

candidates 3-5-15
Also pictured are City Council District 10 candidates Paul Reyes, Adam McGough and James White.

Police and Firefighter of the Quarter, December 2014


Brent Basden presented Quarterly Police and Fire Department awards.

Sergeant Keitric Jones presented the police award to Officer Bervin Smith. He was honored for all the work he does in developing good community relations in the Lake Highlands area.

Chief Chris Williford presented the fire department award to Officer David Lindsey, a 33 year veteran driver. He was honored for his loyalty to the department and his outside community work.


fire and police 12-5-14

Pictured: Sergeant Ketric Jones, Officer Bervin Smith, Officer David Lindsey, and Chief Chris Williford