Meeting recaps

Family Compass (virtual)

On Thursday, August 20th, the Club was privileged to receive a presentation by Ona Foster, CEO of Family Compass, a not for profit focused on child abuse prevention.  As a reminder, child abuse prevention has been the national project focus for the National Exchange Club since 1979.  Ona shared the challenges and opportunities facing Family Compass since the Covid-19 pandemic began.  With more families sheltered at home, stress levels are at high levels which is an early indicator of potential abuse and neglect.  Family Compass has adapted to a virtual connection model with their families but many more families are on the waiting list for service.  Like most not for profits, fundraising and finances have been disrupted.  This has resulted in staffing cutbacks, not filling vacant positions, and salary adjustments. In addition, some historical donors have not provided the same level of support expected causing further required expense controls.  However, through new grant opportunities, new donors and new digital event strategies new funding streams have surfaced to help offset some of the losses.  For more information on Family Compass including the October 15th golf tournament please visit their website at