Meeting recaps

John Turner Legislative Update

Last Friday 6/14 club member and State Rep. John Turner provided the club with his maiden Legislative update, which was full of important details about key legislation from the 86th Legislature. Among the highlights were discussions about property tax relief and school funding, both of which Rep. Turner has intimate knowledge, having served on the Appropriations Committee during the session. Rep. Turner also described two excellent bills he authored and pushed through with bipartisan support that will help our first responders and their families. Those, in addition to others he authored or co-authored pertaining to pipeline safety, access to pre-K services, and access to background checks for day-care and elder-care workers, were all signed by Governor Abbott on or before the June 17 deadline. Rep. Turner was joined by his District Director Brenda Allen and, if you were not able to make the Friday meeting, hopefully you made it to his Town Hall meeting on Tuesday evening. Here is a copy of his Session recap newsletter.