Meeting recaps

Katie Norris with Fotolanthropy

Last week LHHS 2003 grad and Lake Highlands resident Katie Norris gave a heartfelt presentation to the club about her work as the founder of Fotolanthropy, a 501(c)(3) philanthropic photography and film company that features inspirational stories of people and families who have faced great adversity. Katie shared moving stories of her journey from early photography sessions of children with terminal illnesses to feature-length documentaries of a quadruple-amputee from the war in Afghanistan (Travis: A Soldier’s Story; available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and AppleTV) and a quadriplegic college athlete injured in a football game (7 Yards) who have overcome tremendous physical injuries and limitations.

Fotolanthropy is currently in production of 7 Yards and would welcome any support towards completing that project. You can donate and enjoy more of Katie’s work here: