New Member Induction

Last Friday 1/10/20, our club gathered for the first time in 2020.  The program was the installation of new members.  Ten new members were able to join membership director Nathan Trifone on stage for the ceremonial pledge and presentation of the Exchange pin.  Each new member on hand was given the opportunity to introduce himself and provide a few pieces of information on background, hobbies, kids and work.  Per usual, we have added some more attorneys to the club but also some financial advisers.  Also, per usual we added a couple of Aggies.  We also added a Longhorn who specifically mentioned he felt a need to restore a bit of balance after hearing “whoop” too many times.

 Our recent new member history suggests we might have added a few squirrel hunters but, alas we did not this time.  What we did have this time, to the shock of no one, were 12 questions from Mark Holmes.  The questions ranged from clarifying one members occupation to a question about “which Holmes brother is your favorite?”

 With all sincerity we welcome our new club members (and Mark’s questions too).  The club is able to live out our service to Lake Highlands when we continue to add new members and the new ideas and perspectives they bring. We look forward to watching our new members get involved!

Members Inducted
Noah Nadler
Steve Combest
Darren Wickham
Mark McMullen
Michael Holmes (no relation)
Philip Kendall
William Wolff
Johnny Petteway
Brian Haines