New Members

Exchange Club Membership Director, Bill Boyd, has announced that three applications for membership have been approved by the board of directors at its last meeting—-

Brand Daves lives on Royalwood with his wife, Catherine, and a two year old son. He attended high school in Wichita Falls and college at Texas Tech and Midwestern State University. He is a vice president with the Lockton Insurance Agency and was sponsored by Joe Theriot.

Alan Ives lives on Lakemere Drive, with his wife Aimee. He attended high school in Oklahoma City and college at SMU. He is a portfolio Manager with Luther King Capital Management (LKMG) and was also sponsored by Joe Theriot.

Michael Smith lives on Rockpoint Ct with his wife, Claudia. He grew up in Plano and attended the University of Arizona, He is employed as a producer and investment adviser with the Lockton Insurance Agency. He was sponsored by Todd Hartgrove.