Officer Induction and Yearly Recap

We met at the Kaycee Club on Thursday evening, June 14, to induct the 2018-2019 officers.

The new slate will serve from 7-1-18 to 6-30-19.

Pictured are —

Front Row– (L to R) Chris Halpin (Secretary), Gale Lewis (President Elect),

                     Chris Poteet (President), Patrick Brown (Past President)

                     Doug Rabe (Treasurer), Brent Basden

Middle Row–(L to R) Carlin Volkmer, Nathan Trifone, Jimmy Conway, John Torres,

                     Bill Boyd

Back Row—(L to R) -Paul Elkjer, Ric Moseley, Jason Edgerton, Jeff Jacobie

Not Present–Chris Brown, Russ Kaufman, Sherman Burns, Robert Walne