Meeting recaps

Prof. Clive Siegle – Little Egypt Historian

Friday March 29th 2019, Prof. Clive Siegel (Richland College) gave a fascinating and energetic presentation about his research and archaeological investigation into the history and remnants of the Little Egypt historical black community at the corner of what is now Northwest Highway and Ferndale Road, including the property on which the KayCee currently sits. A community situated on a large tract of land purchased by former slaves, Little Egypt grew to 20+ homes but never prospered, and when it was sold and demolished in short order in 1962, it still did not have running water or any indoor plumbing despite the emergence of suburban Lake Highlands sprouting up all around it. Prof. Siegel, his teaching partner Tim Sullivan and their students continue their work to prepare a virtual re-creation of Little Egypt and additional information about their work can be found in several recent articles by the Dallas Morning News and the Lake Highlands Advocate.