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Scholarship Breakfast

Last Friday 4/10 at our annual Scholarship Breakfast we presented over $153,000 in scholarships to 53 deserving Lake Highlands students. The breakfast was inspirational and a great example of how our club gives back to the community. Thank you to those who attended in honor and support of these outstanding young adults. Also, a special thanks to the scholarship committee members for their service. Read more about this event in the Advocate.  Swamy Trejo, Rebeca Contreras, Benjamin Waggoner, Anna Hurt, Daisha Watkins, Barbara Raygoza and Allison Cannatti.

The awardees are:

  • Natalie Costas, Elizabeth Chandler, Sophia Miller, Gabe Olivo, Jacob Stevens, Amour Alier and J.P. Weale. 
  • Swamy Trejo, Camille Dries, Benjamin Waggoner, Unyime Edet and Ana Acosta.
  • Lily Jenkins, Barbara Raygoza, Natalia Ibara, Dino Pucci and Jackson Ankeny.
  • Ana Acosta, Blake Brown, Kate Moseley, Edith Nwosu, Sidney Moise and Esperanza Orozco.
  • Jacqueline Bernal, Delaney Marsh, Pamela Patterson, Piper Miars and Nathalia Patricio.
  • Nicole Clifford, Amour Alier, Macie Hickman, Lydia Biles, Samantha Silva and Allison Winkler.
  • Esperanza Orozco, Camille Dries, Will Haskins, Elissa Massey and Ashley Kaufmann.